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Tracking Proposed Real Estate Development in Seattle

Posted Friday, July 24, 2015 by Christopher L. Thayer

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Have questions about a proposed development in your neighborhood? New townhomes or condos going in? Wondering what is happening with that vacant lot down the street? These questions and more can now be answered via a new website which allows users to locate and track information on proposed construction, and receive email updates on the project. Check out https://www.seattleinprogress.com/

The mission of the site is described as follows:

About Seattle in Progress

Seattle in Progress is a mobile web app for seeing what’s being built in Seattle. Think of it as a modern alternative to the “notice of proposed land use” boards currently posted at construction sites. These signs, often covered in graffiti, offer minimal information about the development and no easy way to learn more, voice an opinion or hear what others are saying.

Seattle in Progress aims to show how public notice should be done. This starts with high quality architectural renderings of the project under consideration.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Brown, https://www.flickr.com/photos/50004977@N00/4628694509/in/photolist-842gBK-8v9XBz-4RpQkE-d9FXtb-cyiZbQ-cyiYWU-cyiYGq-cyiYqE-cyiY77-cyiXKw-cyjaCL-cuXviQ-eW1fLP-eW1fer-cyja3h-cyj9M9-cyj9w9-cyj8ZC-cyj8JG-cyj8tL-842gpt-3QF3v3-bmE8R6-8v9X7V-ouV6sN-3QANXT-cyeTXC-2KiU5G-eW1cxF-842frZ-jyeFS-jydWT-aRJgMt-3QAP5D-6snoc-bEtrzu-dEr8qC-4NyLHd-tnv8jx-qKpmfC-9Avg3q-jyfjd-jyeFW-jyeFV-jyeFN-jyeFM-jyeFK-jydWZ-jydWU-jydWX

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