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Minimum Wage Increase Reminder for Seattle Businesses

Posted Friday, November 1, 2019 by Kim Sandher

Effective January 1, 2020 the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance requires the following minimum wage be paid to all employees working in Seattle, regardless of the location of the employer:

Large Employers (501 or more employees): $16.39/hour

Small Employers (500 or less employees):

  • Where employer does not pay at least $2.25/hour towards medical benefits and/or employee does not earn at least $2.25/hour in tips: $15.75/hour
  • Where employer does pay at least $2.25/hour towards medical benefits and/or employee does earn at least $2.25/hour in tips: $13.50/hour

How Do You Calculate Employer Size?

To calculate the number of employees, you will need to count the total number you employ worldwide. If you own a franchise, you will need to count all of the employees in the franchise network.

Which Medical Benefits Payments Count Towards Small Employer’s Minimum Wage?

The employee must be enrolled in a silver-level or higher plan as defined by the Affordable Care Act. A small employer cannot pay the lower minimum wage if the employee declines medical benefits or is not eligible for medical benefits. This is subject to limited exceptions.

Updated 2020 Workplace Posters

If you have a Seattle business license, The Seattle Office of Labor Standards will mail you a revised workplace poster with this updated information. Copies of the poster will be made available on their website, their office, and at City of Seattle Customer Service Centers.

If you have questions regarding these minimum wage ordinances, contact Kim Sandher at (206)805-1490

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