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Rosa Gallagher

Rosa Gallagher

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Compassionate and Dedicated

Rosa Gallagher is the senior litigation paralegal at Pivotal Law Group. She has more than 22 years of paralegal experience, which she primarily directs to the firm’s employment and injury cases. She works closely with founding partner Mark Shepherd.

Rosa was raised speaking both Spanish and English. She combines her bilingual skills and her paralegal training to assist the firm’s clients for whom English is not their first language. “Many of our clients are not familiar with the legal system and are nervous. I get to combine challenging paralegal duties with a lot of direct communication with clients — I love what I do.”

Rosa understands and helps resolve the legal challenges faced by non-citizens and immigrants. She is proud that Pivotal Law Group goes out of its way to help persons under-represented in the legal system. Rosa has seen unscrupulous employers deliberately prey on immigrants, legal or illegal, because they think they can get away with it. She works hard to correct that injustice. “Regardless of your status, you deserve justice.”

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