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Washington Deadline to True up Service Apportionment is October 31

Posted Thursday, October 27, 2011 by Michael A. Larson

alt text A late reminder to anyone involved in the service business in the state of Washington. With the passage of the market-based service apportionment rules in 2010, Washington formalized its procedures for businesses required to apportion their revenues. The rules allow businesses to estimate their apportionable income, but require that these businesses correct these estimates of apportionable income no later than October 31 of the following taxable year. Any businesses that reported estimates of their apportionable income for 2010 should use the Annual Reconciliation of Apportionable Income form that is available on the Washington Department of Revenue’s website, dor.wa.gov, to report the change in apportionable income by October 31, 2011.

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