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ERISA Employee Benefit Disputes

Pivotal Law Group represents employee benefit plan participants and beneficiaries in coverage disputes under the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). Many people obtain health, life, disability or similar coverage through benefit plans sponsored by their or their family member’s employer. ERISA typically governs such employer-sponsored insurance benefits.

ERISA gives benefit plan participants and beneficiaries important rights, including the right to challenge denials of benefits or payment, e.g., denials of prescription drug or health care treatment or denials of disability benefits. ERISA also gives participants and beneficiaries the right to receive important information about the terms of their coverage and the reasons for any denial of benefits. ERISA entitles plan participants who successfully challenge wrongful denials of benefits in court the right to recover their attorneys’ fees and court costs.

ERISA also imposes critical rules plan participants and beneficiaries must follow in order to protect their rights. ERISA typically requires participants and beneficiaries to notify the plan of claims within certain deadlines, to submit all the information they believe supports the claim, and to appeal any claim denials promptly.

Pivotal Law Group attorney McKean J. Evans has repeatedly obtained successful results for ERISA plan participants and beneficiaries in coverage disputes. McKean has obtained favorable outcomes in ERISA disputes regarding disability, health, and life insurance benefits, against some of the country’s largest employers.

If you have questions about ERISA issues or want to challenge a benefits decision under ERISA, contact Pivotal Law Group today for a free consultation. You may also find the following resources helpful:

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