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Testimonials for Christopher L. Thayer

Chris and his team have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and able to convey complicated concepts in ways that are simple and easy to understand.

Additionally, having worked with a number of attorneys throughout my career, I've never found a firm to be so responsive and easy to work with. While I know they were working a number of other cases in congruence with mine, their attentiveness and speedy response times made me feel like I was their only client!

I highly recommend Pivotal Law Group to anyone dealing with a personal injury claim. Thank you to Chris and Tara for all of your help and hard work in successfully settling my claim!

Janelle Fenton

Pivotal Law Group helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Shortly after graduating I was almost killed by a drunk driver. The team at Pivotal helped me navigate though hundreds of pages of medical records, bills, and legal documents to help me understand what needed to be done. I was in a very delicate spot, I was not out to get millions of dollars. My primary goal was to keep myself out of bankruptcy and hold the people that caused all of the damage responsible. It seemed like a very long process at two years, however knowing the route that it could have gone, it could have been longer. Chris and Tara were able to help me bring some closure to one of the most difficult journeys of my life, and allow me to move on from a very horrific accident.

Nicholas R Gordon - Seattle, WA

"It was wonderful working with Chris. We had no worries about how he handled our case in the wrongful death of our mother. Not only did we receive a nice settlement, he was easy to deal with and never lost sight of how hard it was for us. We are eternally grateful for this."

Cindy Poirier - Greensburg, PA

"I am so grateful to Chris. Not only is he a good lawyer, but he's so personable, honest, charismatic, and helpful. He listens and will do what it takes to help you. My son referred me to Chris, and I have recommended him to others as well."

Shirley Reed - Boardman

"We get construction contracts that have had a lot of fingers on them; we won’t even start a project until Chris reviews the contract. He has been involved with starting three businesses for me. It's really important to start on the right foot. He handles all my personal issues, too."

Mike Johnson - Bellevue, WA

"Chris is an outstanding attorney, comprehensive in his efforts and supportive. He gave me guidance but allowed me to make the final decision and supported me completely. I highly recommend him."

Jo Ann Fromherz - Bellevue, WA

"When I met with Chris Thayer, it was my first experience with an attorney. Not only was it comforting, but it was a huge weight off my shoulders. Everyone at the firm tracked every detail of my case, and they were diligent about their communications. After mediation, I actually got a letter of apology from the president of the insurance company. I can’t say enough good things about Chris Thayer."

Denny B. - Seattle, WA

"Chris takes really good care of us in cases that can often get complicated. The foreclosure process usually takes several months, but he keeps us advised every step of the way. He has excellent attention to details and deadlines and does a great job of keeping us in the loop."

Paula Ford - Fort Worth, TX

Three years ago I had a surgery that should have been considered routine. Unfortunately, the doctor made a grievous error during my surgery which resulted in me filing a malpractice claim. I am very lucky to have found Mr. Thayer to represent me and I don’t believe I would have had the outcome I did with any other attorney. Not only did I get an award greater than anticipated, my experience in working with Mr. Thayer and his assistant, Tara Peterson, made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with.

I highly recommend Mr. Thayer to anyone who is in need of a malpractice attorney. Mr. Thayer’s knowledge of the law is outstanding and he went above and beyond in ensuring that I was kept up to date with the case. I always felt welcome to call Mr. Thayer whenever I had questions and he took the time to answer my questions and ensure that I had a clear understanding. Mr. Thayer is highly skilled in the art of negotiation. He is honest yet compassionate and a consummate professional. Mr. Thayer also has great people skills, which I find to be rare amongst most attorneys I have dealt with. If the situation were ever to arise again I would not hesitate for one second to again hire Mr. Thayer. My only regret is that Mr. Thayer does not practice family law as well, as I would hire him in a heartbeat. Thank you


Testimonials for Mark B. Shepherd

"Thank you for your superior expertise with my case. Your patience and understanding were appreciated more than I can express."

Anni B. - WA

"I recommend Mark Shepherd to anyone who needs legal assistance. I appreciated the way he and his staff related to me and handled my case. My case was quite draining emotionally and he and his staff (particularly Rosa Gallagher) were sensitive to that while still keeping things in perspective for me. Mark has the knowledge and tenacity necessary to win the case and the compassion and patience necessary to win the client."

Lani - Sexual Harassment Victim

"I needed an attorney who could support me in the process of leaving my previous place of employment. Another law firm referred us to Attorney Mark Shepherd of Pivotal Law Group. Mr. Shepherd made the entire termination process run smoothly, so I could continue looking for other means of employment and continue with my doctoral studies. Mark worked efficiently and effectively to get me a great result. I highly recommend anyone to give this law firm a try, since I know I will be coming back to Mark and “Pivotal Law Group” for many years to come!"

Stuart P. - Seattle, WA

"I found Pivotal Law Group on the web. I had qualms about calling the number at first because I live and work on the Olympic Peninsula and would like to meet the person face to face before entrusting our legal issue to anyone. After talking to Mark Shepherd via phone, who shared his background & expertise, and clearly stated how their company charges for legal fees, I was put at ease and entrusted to him our case. He took over and did a superb job on our company’s employment issues within a 3 hour period! I know he is someone I can trust and count on anytime."

Mel G. - WA

"Speaking as someone who knows little about law and dislikes courtrooms, I can say that Mark Shepherd and his litigation team did a wonderful job of keeping me informed, giving good counsel, and being candid about the legal process. Rosa Gallagher always responded well to my questions, and Mark dove into my case with lots of curiosity and commitment. As a client, I definitely felt taken care of. Thanks for the great work."

O. Baechler - Seattle, WA

"I was injured in a traffic accident with an underinsured motorist. A friend referred me to Mark Shepherd, and he was able to structure an out-of-court settlement. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again. He’s always helpful and recently assisted me again with an employment issue."

A. Baxter - Seattle, WA

"I have been very pleased working with Mark Shepherd. I was put at ease knowing I was in sympathetic, yet professional hands. My mother was beyond impressed after meeting him. Based off our experience, my mom and I will refer him again. Should I need legal assistance in the future, I will, without a doubt, use Mark Shepherd. I appreciate his demeanor, professionalism, and most of all, his ethical and honest drive to help people placed in ominous situations find justice. Thank you to Mark Shepherd and Rosa Gallagher."

C. Baca - Phoenix, AZ

"I would like to extend my gratitude concerning the legal services provided on my behalf. I have never before needed legal advice concerning a personal injury. I was at a loss as to how I would proceed. Mark Shepherd came to my aide with his combination of expertise and sympathetic understanding in dealing with my particular medical problems. His knowledge was invaluable to me. I placed my trust in him and he did not disappoint me. Thank you for holding my hand and making me feel my situation was important and worthwhile."

R. Spadarotto - Auburn, CA

"I was injured in a traffic accident with an underinsured motorist. A friend referred me to Mark Shepherd, and he was able to structure an out-of-court settlement. I wouldn't hesitate to call him again. He's always helpful and recently assisted me again with an employment issue."

Aeja Baxter - Seattle, WA

Testimonials for Michael A. Larson

"Some companies use attorneys to be combative. We like to get along and get things done. Mike helps us find solutions."

John Mullally - Seattle, WA

"Mike is the best business lawyer I've met, hands down. His business background means he can really understand where I'm coming from when I discuss my transactional issues and mold a solution that works well. He's easy to talk to, listens carefully, and cares about his clients as people."

John Brown - Redmond, WA

"Mike is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with a business background. He is approachable and personable and has a unique ability to convey complex subject matter in manner that is simple and understandable. He is practical, creative, highly empathetic, and I would recommend Mike to entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives."

Jim Ruttler - Seattle, WA

DISCLAIMER: Please note each case is different and prior results should not create expectations of future results in new cases.

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